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Manage Your Entire Workflow From Ceipal’s Mobile App

Manage Your Entire Workflow From Ceipal’s Mobile App

Share job requirements, make submissions, manage timesheets, and optimize candidate and client engagement with Ceipal’s Mobile App. 

Staying competitive in recruiting means moving fast. Whether it’s advertising a job from an MSP, texting the ideal candidate back, or responding to a client’s request, being able to complete any step of the recruitment process from anywhere is a huge advantage for staffing firms. 

In fact, 76% of staffing clients and candidates think that a staffing firm using the most up-to-date technology—like mobile apps—differentiates them from the competition. That’s why at Ceipal, we created our user-friendly mobile application for recruiters, hiring managers, and back-office employees. Providing instant access to your entire ATS/HRIS, Ceipal’s mobile app ensures that you can complete any job function from anywhere. 

What Is It?

Ceipal’s Mobile App empowers recruiters and back-office employees to manage priorities from their cell phones. Our intuitive app ensures you receive updates on client requirements, candidate engagement, and employee workflows in real-time. Plus, you can: 

  • Manage Jobs & Requisitions. Manage the entire recruitment process from your phone. With Ceipal, you receive automatic notifications for every new requisition. From the mobile’s interface, you can contact qualified candidates, broadcast job openings, and even submit applicants. 
  • Submit & Approve Timesheets. Let employees create, view, and submit expenses directly within Ceipal’s mobile app. Managers can then review and approve timesheets on-the-go, so no workers miss payroll. Plus, all sensitive data is protected, securing your workforce’s privacy. 
  • Real-Time Communication. Ensure you’re always available for your clients and employees. With Ceipal, you can immediately respond to client and candidate communications, whether through SMS, VOIP, or email. All communications are then logged in the app, so you never lose a record. 
  • Update Records & Profiles. Keep everything up to date from your phone. With Ceipal’s app, you can change job statuses, create notes, add tasks, and update profiles. The interface even allows back-office employees to create eForms and manage the authorization process for onboarding employees.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Reduce Drive-to-Fill Times. Make your recruitment process more efficient to drive results. Whether it’s posting on a job board, texting back a candidate, or scheduling an interview, Ceipal’s app allows you to perform critical tasks with minimal effort. In just a few clicks, you can keep the recruitment process moving forward. 
  • Streamline Employee Management. Avoid bottlenecks and raise employee satisfaction. By receiving instant notifications about timesheets submissions, expense reports, and employee requests, you receive heightened visibility into your workforce and their needs. And as a result, you can better identify pain points and increase productivity. 
  • Optimize Candidate & Client Engagement. Don’t leave candidates or clients waiting. Ceipal’s mobile app gives you the tools to consistently and productively engage with candidates and clients on their time. By responding quickly to requests and questions, you’ll establish yourself as a cut above the competition. 
  • Pristine Data Management. Build an organized database to increase your productivity. When you receive real-time notifications about candidates, applicants, and clients, you can update your database immediately through the app. By keeping all your records up to date, you’ll enable your teams to more effectively recruit candidates and court clients.

Interested in Learning More?

Optimized for both Android and iOS, Ceipal’s Mobile Application allows staffing firms to differentiate themselves from competitors and make more placements in less time. Click here to book a free demo today.