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Enhanced Marketing CRM Features That Improve Communications

Enhanced Marketing CRM Features That Improve Communications

Ceipal’s enhanced Marketing CRM features let staffing professionals schedule reminders for specific events, enabling them to deliver tailored communications and giving them a view into email open and bounce rates—improving the communications workflow. 

  • Schedule Reminders. Staffing professionals can now schedule reminders to send emails to candidates on a specific day, month, or around holidays. 
  • Open & Bounce Rates. Ceipal’s ATS gives recruiters the ability to know how many emails they sent and to track the open & bounce rates. This can be set up simply by reaching out to the support representative to help them with the configuration. 

Why Ceipal for Marketing CRM?

Ceipal understands that staffing professionals need every tool possible to stay competitive in a tight labor market. The ability to deliver consistent and timely emails is a key component of staffing success. Targeted emails are crucial for any recruiter that wants to stand out from the crowd. Ceipal ensures user emails: 

  • Are at the top of a recipient’s inbox, positioned as highly relevant
  • Don’t appear as spam, therefore, improving open and click rates
  • Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time – strengthening the relationship with the talent

Find out more about our Candidate Engagement Platform here. 

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