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Simple Solutions for Remote Hiring Challenges: Ceipal + ClearChecks

Simple Solutions for Remote Hiring Challenges: Ceipal + ClearChecks

COVID-19 made the advance to remote services and remote work imperative in the blink of an eye. Beneficiaries of this imperative were companies like Peloton (workout from home), DoorDash/Instacart (food delivery to home), and Zoom (work from home). But how do companies with traditional, physical locations manage the current work-from-home landscape? 

Remote Work Long-Term Benefits

At ClearChecks, there were three things we focused on to make that transition successful for the business, but also for our employees and customers.

At ClearChecks, we saw a seamless and successful transition from in-person to remote work. Surprisingly it seemed like remote work brought out the best in our employees. In fact, we didn’t miss a beat during the COVID19 crisis, maintaining optimal productivity despite the major transition. 

So what did remote work provide that in-person work did not? After surveying our workforce, here’s what we found.

  • Remote Work Allows for FLEXIBILITY! We found the lack of morning and evening commutes allowed for team members to sleep in, visit the doctor or dentist, run a few errands, get in a workout, get the kids logged in to Google Hangouts, or enjoy that first cup of coffee just a bit more. The traditional morning rush became an opportunity to take back some much-needed personal time. We also have an unlimited PTO policy!
  • Remote Work Resulted in More FEEDBACK from our Teams. We’ve seen measurable increases in both one-on-one meetings across departments and more web trainings. This feedback created a more collaborative environment, where our employees came to the table ready to brainstorm solutions for different challenges. We started working together as a team in new ways, despite being farther away!
  • We Saw an Uptick in INNOVATION. As a result of increased flexibility and inter-departmental communication, we have made dozens of efficiency-producing enhancements to our internal products as well as customer-facing features as a direct result of employee feedback. We found that innovation occurs at a greater frequency when an environment includes and encourages flexibility and communication.

Overcoming Hiring Challenges in a Remote Setting

Obviously, we aren’t the only ones who have seen great results from remote work. Technology giants like Twitter, Slack, and HubSpot are implementing permanent/optional remote work policies for their employees. 

And yet, remote work comes with its own set of challenges particularly for background checks. Wet signatures, back and forth emails, faxes (still?), and document uploads create inefficiencies for a hiring manager or recruiter. 

To layer on even more complexity, how were companies to navigate the strict local, state, and federal regulations outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)? Consent and Authorization forms? Local, state, and federal disclosure forms? Personally Identifiable Information? 

If remote work is the way of the future, then we need to come up with efficient and effective solutions to the above challenges. 

The ClearChecks Solution

ClearChecks knows that every potential new hire is a massive investment in your business. Every customer wants budget-friendly pricing, compliance, great customer support, and efficiency. We strive to deliver most reports in under 24 hours, with certain add-on services like drug-testing and employment verification adding 1-2 business days. Rest assured, every customer and every prospective new hire is important to us. Delivering on our promise is of utmost importance to us.

ClearChecks automates FCRA compliance with every purchase. Whether you are an FCRA novice or expert, we have you covered with our paperless solution. No worries about compromising the identity of your candidates either with our end-to-end, at-rest, encrypted application forms.

With the Ceipal/ClearChecks partnership, you have the benefit of the ClearChecks platform within the comfort and ease of the Ceipal experience you already know and love. When you find that new recruit that just might be the one, know that you have a dedicated team of verifications specialists and customer support agents that are, literally, one-click of your mouse away.

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