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The Three Problems With ATS Business Intelligence Today—and Ceipal’s Solutions

The Three Problems With ATS Business Intelligence Today—and Ceipal’s Solutions
There may be hundreds of ATS options, but no matter where you go, your business intelligence options will have one of these three problems.

The Satisfaction Paradox

The importance of data management, accurate reporting, and business intelligence is no secret. According to a study by Gartner, businesses lose up to $9.7 million/year to poor data quality and management, ruining efficiency, productivity, and overall profitability. 

The unfortunate reality is that staffing is one of the worst industries for business intelligence. In fact, even though staffing firms rank BI as one of their top five priorities in an ATS, industry-wide satisfaction for reporting is low—a whopping 59%. For some major industry players, the score is as low as 30% satisfaction.

So what’s gone wrong with ATS reporting? Why are recruiters across the industry dissatisfied? And, most importantly, what solutions might be on the horizon to revolutionize the way business intelligence looks for staffing agencies? 

What Good Business Intelligence Should Look Like

Take a step back, and imagine you’ve magically developed the skills to program your own software. You can design the perfect business intelligence platform. So what would you include? 

Well, for most staffing agencies, the wish list looks something like this:

  • Reports for Staffing Firms. Submission rates, placement rates, client statistics—there are those few hot-button numbers team leaders are looking at day-in, day-out. In an ideal world, your business intelligence platform would come out-of-the-box with these staffing firm-specific analytics. It would be as if the ATS knew what was most important for your growth—like it was made especially for you.
  • User-Driven, On-Demand Customization. From quarter to quarter—even from week to week—your business is changing. So your business intelligence should adapt to your needs. Easy and fast customization of data analytics and reports is a hallmark of successful business intelligence. And if those analytics could update in real-time, that’s even better.
  • Visuals, Visuals, Visuals. Let’s be real: you weren’t trained as a data analyst. You were trained to find talent—but you still need to understand your company’s growth and progress. Business intelligence needs to be visually-oriented, so you can immediately understand the metrics that matter and capitalize on that information. Because the sad truth is, the more time you spend buried in spreadsheets, the less time you have to capture leads.

The Three Problems with Business Intelligence Today

It’s a real shame you don’t have those software developer skills. Because the truth is, almost no ATS today can fulfill every demand on your business intelligence wishlist. In fact, the reality is that whatever ATS you’re using, you’re probably suffering from one of these three problems: 

  • Problem 1: You’ve Got the Visuals. Too Bad They Don’t Mean Anything. Many ATSs market the beauty of their business intelligence visuals. The problem is that beautiful reports that track irrelevant metrics are useless. In fact, major ATS providers are integrated with blanket data analytics or CRM providers. That means their analytics are so generic, they don’t add any value to a staffing firm’s business intelligence. And what’s worse, some ATSs ask their users to integrate with these blanket data analytic providers at an integration cost! So you’re paying extra money for reports you can’t use. But hey, at least they’re pretty.
  • Problem 2: You’re Paying for the Software. Too Bad It Doesn’t Work for You. Your business moves fast, and your business intelligence needs to move faster. But today, many ATSs fail completely regarding on-demand customized analytics. Customers have to submit customization requests to the development team, who then take weeks to create just one report. And guess what? In some cases, users actually have to pay for this process. That’s like paying to miss out on opportunities while you wait for your software to do the work it should.
  • Problem 3: You’ve Got the Data. Too Bad You Can’t Understand Any of It. All you really need is the data, right? From there, you can make the decisions you need. Wrong. Even if your ATS is programmed with the analytics you need, the system spits out the results in a mess of inaccessible spreadsheets and unreadable graphs. You’ll spend so much time figuring out what the analytics say, you’ll actually lose business opportunities. Which defeats the point of business intelligence in the first place.

What Good Business Intelligence Does Look Like—With Ceipal

At Ceipal, we’ve done the market research, and staffing firms are suffering from these three problems. But business intelligence doesn’t have to be so complicated—or so unsatisfying. That’s why at Ceipal, we’ve released our fully-integrated, fully-equipped Business Intelligence Platform. The technology is specifically designed to address the above three problems, so your firm can experience business intelligence as it’s meant to be. 

What Ceipal Offers

  • Built-In Analytics Designed for Staffing Firms. At Ceipal, we’re all about talent. And staffing firm analytics are our bread and butter. Our business intelligence platform is programmed with dozens of reports designed to measure critical industry metrics. Segmented by functionality, these reports were intentionally created to equip teams with necessary data on job postings, vendors, clients, and more, so you’re always a step ahead of the competition.
  • Beautiful (and Interactive) Visuals. Our reports generate beautifully designed and immediately understandable graphs for fast data analysis. You choose the way your data appears. Our platform will configure the data in pie charts, trend lines, 3D graphs, and more. Plus, every graph is interactive so you can dive into the details that matter to understand your company’s progress and growth.
  • Personalized Dashboards. But with Ceipal, our business intelligence reaches beyond reporting. Teams can pin their favorite reports to their homepage, creating personalized dashboards rich with actionable insights. Every pinned report is fed data in real time, so every time you log in, you’re briefed on your company’s progress. The dashboards are interactive and editable, and you can have as many as you want, switching between them as needed. Plus, the platform is programmed with dashboards based on user role, so you can start working with the numbers you need straight away.
  • Total User-Driven Customization. Ceipal is a software that works with you and for you. That’s why everything in our business intelligence platform is customizable—from the reports you create, to your dashboard appearance, to the data you measure. These customizations are user-driven and on-demand—no coordinating with development teams necessary. And don’t worry: we don’t charge extra fees for customization. We believe software should give you the data you need, period.