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AI-powered Candidate Matching & Ranking

AI-powered Candidate Matching & Ranking

Today, recruiters spend less than one minute looking at each resume. Why? Because for every job requirement, the average recruiter screens hundreds of resumes, searching for the ideal candidate. This process can take days, which means extended drive-to-fill times and plummeting client satisfaction rates.

The solution? Artificial intelligence.

Ceipal’s AI-powered Candidate Matching & Ranking enables recruiters to source and screen thousands of resumes in seconds. Powered by advanced algorithms, the AI goes beyond simple keyword scanning, instead contextualizing each candidate’s information. The AI accounts for critical data points, such as candidate location, previous experience, technical skills, and more to find the candidate who best matches your client’s requirements.

Once the AI has contextualized and aggregated this data, it ranks each candidate on a scale of one to one hundred, delivering the final result straight to your dashboard. Every candidate profile is complete with a parsed resume, demonstrating how that candidate’s skills, experience, and management level match your current opening. The AI will respond to your specific priorities, creating a weighted score based on job titles and skill sets.

You can also filter through candidates to see their work authorization status, streamlining onboarding down the road.

The AI also provides a reverse compatibility score, analyzing key characteristics like seniority level and recently acquired skills. The AI calculates whether or not a candidate will show interest in your job opening, so you can target the candidates who are most likely to respond.

Once you’ve identified your top candidate, you can contact them using SMS, VOIP, or email – so you’re reaching the candidate on their preferred channel.

Today more than 1,800 recruiters trust Ceipal’s AI to help them recruit faster, giving the platform a 97% satisfaction rating. Invest in the industry’s leading AI-powered recruitment platform today so you can identify better talent, capture more candidates, and close more placements in record time.

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