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Ceipal’s New Business Intelligence Platform

Ceipal’s New Business Intelligence Platform

Today, data is everything. Unfortunately, typical twenty-year-old ATS platforms can’t deliver data-driven analytics. They can only burden users with unreadable spreadsheets, uncustomizable reports, and frustratingly enough, inaccurate information.

But, when companies need quick and accurate analytics to stay competitive, poor data management is not an option. That’s why at Ceipal, we’ve created our industry-leading business intelligence module – complete with an advanced reporting center and personalized dashboards. Our business intelligence pulls information from all data in your ATS, providing executive reports with an up-to-date review of your business, as well as operational reports on candidate marketing, client acquisition, sales performance, key performance indicators, and more.

These reports are visualized through interactive graphs so you can instantly assess your company’s performance. Plus, each report comes with a variety of data visualizations, including pie charts, clustered columns, and even 3D graphs so you immediately understand the data that matters most.

With Ceipal you can pin these reports straight to your home page to create your own personalized dashboard. These dashboards update in real-time so you can keep close track of day-to-day growth.

What’s more, everything about these dashboards is customizable – from the metrics calculated to the data tracked to the reports visualization, so you’re in control of the progress you’re making.

With Ceipal, teams can schedule and share their reports automatically so everyone is on the same page. Ceipal’s business intelligence module empowers firms with a 360-degree view of their business, so you can make smarter, strategic choices that benefit you, your team, and your clients.

Join the industry’s leading platform to stay competitive so you can find better talent, impress more clients, and close more openings.

All with Ceipal.

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