Lead Generation

Get more leads with better customer-relationship management.


Centralized Communication

Gather communication streams to see relationship progression.


Robust Reporting

Measure your success & identify issues before they become problems.

Relationship Management

Manage existing client contacts

And experience a true relationship management platform.

  • Monitor relationship progression with centralized communications
  • Track & measure successes
  • Identify problems & avoid revenue loss
Relationship Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

Oversee potential new leads

And view all relevant information in one place.

  • Create & update leads easily through their lead status
  • Capture several points of contact for a company
  • Synch communication right into system, including emails, calls, & meeting notes

Better Customer Relationship Management

Communication Central

Given today’s technology, people have the option to connect through various ways. And, each different communication channel serves a different need. TalentHire’s recruitment CRM services allow you to integrate with dozens of different call, text, and video services, so you are always reaching out to your client or lead how it suits them best. Need to video chat and show them something specific? Communicate via Skype. Just need to make a basic phone call? Use the VoIP Office integration. Want to text? We have a TextUs integration.

Channel Integration

Any communication channel you already use can be integrated directly into the platform, so you don’t have to worry about losing productivity, time, or login passwords ever again.

Enhance Your Leads

Gaining new leads is vital to the growth of your company, and TalentHire makes it easy with their Leads module for recruitment CRM. You can set personalized sources and statuses for new leads, so you always know how your relationship with them started, who has/will be communicating with the lead, and how close they are to converting and becoming a client. You can also set multiple points of contact per lead, so you can be sure you’re communicating with all the key people necessary to gain them as a client or vendor.

Lead Conversion

Successfully convert a lead? Set automatic email notifications to be sent to individual/groups of employees. It’s a customizable customer relationship management system that keeps communication streamlined and details available to everyone who is set to/needs to see it.

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