Streamlined Experience. Customized Process. Effortless Compliance.

Employee Onboarding Software

Make a strong first impression and impress new hires. Our eBoarding portal provides total customization, so your team can establish onboarding processes that work for you. Create and modify documents, specify cross-team permissions, track compliance and authorization, and personalize dashboards for every new hire to speed through onboarding and speed up productivity. 

Candidate Experience

Impress your new candidates with a personalized onboarding experience.

Paperless eBoarding

Manage the entire onboarding process digitally, including the I-9 verification process.

Data Security

Protect the sensitive information of both your clients and candidates every step of the way.

Digital Documents & eSignature

Eliminate paper and manual data entry with our optimized, streamlined candidate experience. With Ceipal, you can create custom forms, convert .pdfs and .docs to fully featured eForms, and drag-and-drop HTML elements & place holders for required information.

Centralized Onboarding Software

Centralized eBoarding

Unify and streamline the onboarding process, and easily track new hire progress within our software. You can map system data fields to documents, create new hire paperwork on demand, and store candidate information for easy access and auditing.

Personalized Workflows

Customize so your onboarding process is in your hands. With Ceipal, you can create custom checklists based on hire type, generate checklists that automatically initiate subsequent steps in the onboarding process, and program alerts, notifications, and receipts to monitor progress. And, eliminate downloading and uploading documents completely. Our system comes equipped with all standard onboarding paperwork, such as I-9 forms, W4 forms, immigration compliance, and more.

Engaging Candidate Experience

Engage your new hires and provide a superior candidate experience. Create a customized page for every new hire, complete with your company’s branding, welcome messages, and all required onboarding documents.

Plus, every new employee receives their own username and login, giving them the ability to reach out to the wider team as needed while ensuring all information is securely stored. We make sure all employees feel welcome, comfortable, and ready to work from day one. 

Secure Process

With Ceipal, you never have to worry about data security. We are proud to be one of the first ATS to be SOC2 compliant. That means all our internal controls meet best standards for security measures. What’s more, we encrypt all sensitive data so all important information is protected.

Onboarding Software for Recruiters