Increased Compliance. Enhanced Engagement. Effortless Onboarding.

I-9 Management & E-Verify

With Ceipal, you can safely authenticate employee information, fulfill onboarding requirements, and guarantee compliance from a single location thanks to our tightly integrated I-9 management, E-Verify, and eSignature capabilities.

Centralized Employee Data

Track the employee onboarding and compliance process with employee dashboards.

Remote I-9 Management

Manage I-9 from initiation to physical verification of documents by authorized representatives.

Seamless E-Verify Integration

Verify employee information against the government databases of records instantly.

I-9 Creation & Initiation

Initiate, track, and collect I-9 forms for every employee. In one click you can initiate the process, and Ceipal will automatically generate an I-9 form for your employee. This form is pre-populated with information from your database, eliminating manual data entry and reducing clerical errors. Plus, as soon as the form is initiated your team receives automatic notifications so you can monitor the entire process.

Authorized Representatives

Hire quickly, even in a time of remote work. To physically verify section two documents of every I-9 form issued, you can select authorized representatives as soon as you initiate the process. These authorized representatives will receive an email, connecting them with the employee. From there, the AR and employee can meet, verify the documentation, and submit the form.

E-Verify Integration

Seamlessly verify all data using E-Verify. With one click, E-Verify will scan all data captured on an employee’s I-9 form. The integration then verifies the form against millions of government records. This seamless sync between E-Verify and I-9 cuts down on manual data entry, reducing errors and increasing overall efficiency. Plus, the system’s user-friendly interface ensures that all back-office employees can easily manage the entire process.

Remote Based Management

Onboard employees from anywhere. As a cloud-based system, Ceipal allows you to complete every step of the onboarding and compliance process virtually. Plus, the platform’s regulatory eSignature eliminates the need for third-party systems to complete the paperwork process, which means that everything can be completed paperlessly and efficiently.