Address Your DEI Needs

Assess DEI and create a strategy for a diverse workforce

Assess your workforce and identify diversity gaps

The first step to achieving greater diversity in your business is to evaluate your current workforce.

  • Evaluate your workforce.
    Ceipal’s AI Diversity Assessment evaluates the overall workforce distribution for gender and ethnicity.
  • Balance your demographics.
    Ceipal’s Business Intelligence contains built-in reports on your workplace’s diversity to help identify demographics you may lack.

Create a realistic and comprehensive DEI strategy to address gaps

Ceipal helps you to examine your current sources of talent more closely and develop a strategic roadmap to fill any existing gaps in your personnel and balance your workforce diversity.

  • Set diversity goals.
    Configure and customize an individual DEI hiring roadmap for your business.
  • Improve equity in hiring.
    Track your diversity and inclusivity as you source and hire with intelligent workforce diversity software.

Implement your DEI strategy and curate qualified and diverse talent

Implement your plan using Ceipal’s AI-driven auto-sourcing to curate qualified and diverse candidates and reach your DEI goals.

  • Combat human bias.
    Ceipal’s AI-Powered recruiting and analytics tools evaluate candidates on skills, eliminating any chance of bias.
  • Build a robust and diverse talent pool.
    Ceipal’s total talent acquisition platform uses AI to curate qualified and diverse candidates and build a stronger talent pipeline.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects internal and corporate recruiting teams to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease — all included in the cost of the platform.

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See the Ceipal difference for yourself

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