Seamless ATS Data Migration & Onboarding with Ceipal 

Bypass the potential risk & expense of data migration & onboarding with Ceipal. We provide guided, streamlined & completely free data migration.

The Ceipal Impact

Free Data Migration
Personalized Platform Configuration
Data Encryption
AI-Powered Data Clean Up

Too often, staffing firms are willing to pay for a sub-par ATS for years. Why? Because migrating years of data is too difficult and too costly. This causes firms live with the inconvenience of an inferior system rather than taking the risk of moving to a better platform. 

Fearing an ATS data migration and onboarding shouldn’t prevent firms from investing in best-in-class recruitment solutions. That’s why at Ceipal, we pride ourselves on expert data management and onboarding guidance.

The Challenge

Data Loss & Corruption

Your database of candidates and resumes is your top asset. Losing that all information would be, simply put, a disaster. When switching systems, you may not lose any data—but you may receive corrupted data, which is just as bad. Every piece of lost data means lost information on skill sets, placements histories, and other factors critical to finding the right candidate.

Your database of candidates and resumes is your top asset for business.

On average, data migration & onboarding takes at least 12 weeks.

Blackout Period

Time is money. And when a provider tells you that ATS data migration and onboarding will take 12 weeks, they’re telling you that you’re losing 12 weeks of business. For many staffing firms, that number is a non-starter. The risk of losing placements to a blackout period, when you don’t even know if your new ATS will work out, is too great.

Organization & Set-Up

What is the number #1 reason staffing firms stay with sub-par ATS platforms? Because it’s better to stay with the devil you know. Even if an ATS is expensive, inefficient, not user-friendly—you name it—staffing firms will continue to pay. Teams don’t want to bother learning a new system, figuring out its different capabilities, and then configuring it to their business needs. The opportunity cost is too high.

Most staffing firms stay with a sub-par ATS because they don’t want to bother with a new system.

The industry charges anywhere from $500-$5,000 for data migration and onboarding.

Total Expense

Normally in staffing, the bigger your database, the better. Unfortunately, this philosophy betrays you when it comes to data migration. Many standard providers charge extra for an ATS data migration. The industry averages between $500-$5,000. And if your database has a high number of resumes, get ready to pay even more than that.

The Ceipal Strategy

Staffing firms who continue to use sub-par ATS technology will find themselves falling further and further behind their competitors. Ultimately, concerns around ATS data migration and onboarding are just those—concerns. And the right ATS provider will address these concerns, so you can move forward with confidence. 

Leveraging AI technology, Ceipal guides each of our customers through every step of the migration and onboarding process. Our team of data migration experts have successfully migrated databases of up to 1 million from over 30 ATS/CRM platforms. What’s more, our onboarding team will carefully configure the platform to your exact preferences. 

The Ceipal Solution

Marketing Job Requirements

Data Mapping

The best way to guarantee you don’t lose any data is to track it. At Ceipal, we consult with customers to understand processes and business priorities before touching your data. Based on your input, we curate our system to match your preferences, using separate business units, modules, and business intelligence. And, as we get to know you, we’ll make recommendations on how to best leverage the platform to optimize your data management, so you’re getting the most out of your recruitment workflows.

Absence Management

4-Week Turnaround

The staffing world moves fast. That’s why Ceipal’s ATS data migration and onboarding process works on an expedited timeline, with a 4-week turnaround—60% shorter than the industry average. Once we get you up and running, our account managers are available on a daily basis to make sure your team is trained and comfortable with the system.

Advanced AI

AI-Powered Clean Up

Once your data has been migrated, we leverage artificial intelligence to ensure everything has been transferred properly. Scanning the jobs and applicants modules, the AI generates reports on the data quality, so our team knows when extra clean up is needed and when the data is pristine.


Included Onboarding & Configuration

At Ceipal, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our software. Onboarding with Ceipal means meeting with our team multiple times so we can configure the platform exactly to your needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Users consistently rate our ease of set up 8.8 / 10, a full 5% higher than the industry average. Plus, it’s completely free.

Free Data Migration

You shouldn’t have to pay to populate a new ATS with the data you need to do business. At Ceipal, we don’t ask you to. We’ll transfer all of your information—no matter how much—from your current system to Ceipal, for free. And if you ever need to switch again, we’ll export all your information as well. We want you to use Ceipal because you love the product, not because your data is stuck in it.