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Ceipal’s AI-Driven Passive Candidate Sourcing

Ceipal’s AI-Driven Passive Candidate Sourcing

The world moves fast. To save time, recruiters are scanning resumes for only basic requirements, like technical skills and salary demands, trying to fill openings as fast as possible. But in today’s competitive environment, the way to stand out is to move beyond the basics, delving into candidate workplace styles and motivators so you can make submissions that truly fit your clients’ needs.

In an age where endless data lives at our fingertips, shouldn’t there be a way to make this leap into deeper candidate knowledge without slowing business down? Enter artificial intelligence.

Ceipal’s AI-driven passive candidate sourcing leverages the power of big data to source the best talent on the market for your job. Our algorithms crawl public forums like Google, GitHub, analyzing critical but unseen factors such as workplace style, cultural compatibility, and social skills, so you can optimize time selecting the right candidates.

With one click, hundreds of profiles will be delivered to your dashboard, automatically evaluated for technical skills and soft skills. The AI completes each profile with detailed analytics, generating easy-to-understand infographics so you can make the right decision in record time.

But the AI doesn’t just help you find the ideal candidate – it also serves as an evaluation benchmark for your database. If the top candidates consistently come from outside your library, you know it’s time to invest in new talent, so you can consistently meet client demands.

Scared about trusting so much data? Don’t be. Our technology is so smart it links to candidates’ LinkedIn profiles so you can make decisions with confidence. Use the technology of the future to stay competitive in today’s market so you can find better talent, impress more clients, and close more openings – all with Ceipal.

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