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Passive Candidate Sourcing: A Recruiter’s Competitive Edge

Passive Candidate Sourcing: A Recruiter’s Competitive Edge

In this session, we are joined by Ashish Bhatnagar, Sales Executive at dotin inc. to learn how staffing firms can leverage passive candidate sourcing to help recruiters find the best candidates in 2021.

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75% of today’s talent market is “passive candidates”—that is, candidates who are not actively seeking a job but are open to new opportunities. As recruiters on the hunt for new talent, these passive candidates are a gold mine of hard-to-get skills & qualifications. But how to reach them?

Who Exactly Are Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates are those who are not actively seeking a new job. Semi-active job seekers are those who have a full-time job but are looking for better opportunities.

Passive candidates are part of the “total candidate universe.” The total candidate universe includes passive candidates, semi-active candidates, and active job seekers.

What is Passive Candidate Sourcing?

Passive candidate sourcing is proactively searching for employed candidates and reaching out to them with new job opportunities.

Over 75% of the total candidate universe is passive candidates. These candidates are not actively seeking new jobs, but they’re open to opportunities that fit their goals. Additionally, passive candidates are easier to engage because you are the only potential employer interviewing that candidate. In most cases, passive candidates represent themselves accurately because they already have a stable job.

dotin inc. provides some of the most innovative products that streamline passive candidate sourcing for talent acquisition professionals. Their suite of offerings include:

  • Perfit Sourcing.Leverage AI to help companies identify, attract, and engage the 85% of the workforce that currently identifies as “passive candidates,” i.e., job seekers who are not actively looking to switch careers but are open to new opportunities.
  • Perfit Screening. Measure your already-sourced or short-listed applicants against your ideal job description. Enter your job description to quickly compare all applicant resumes and instantly see each candidate’s alignment with your organization.
  • PerFit Upskilling & Engagement. dotin offers a powerful 1-Minute Workplace Personality Assessment to bring workforce collaboration to new heights. Profile employees to identify areas that need improvement, then customize a training curriculum designed specifically to fill those cultural or skill gaps.


The best candidates are not always active job seekers. Sometimes, they belong to the “passive candidate pool”—i.e., up to 85% of the global workforce who are not actively seeking a new job but are open to new opportunities. These candidates are not as engaged on traditional job boards, but they often hold the key to hard-to-fill positions. dotin’s Passive Candidate Sourcing module is built by curating candidate data from qualified GDPR and CCPA compliant sources. This AI module uses cognitive scientific models and AI-powered algorithms to gather over 2 billion data points and 480 million passive candidates.