Engage & Capture Top-Tier Talent 

Quickly identify & engage your ideal candidate, from the moment they apply to the moment they’re onboarded, with Ceipal’s AI-driven talent acquisition solutions.

The Ceipal Impact

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Automatic Candidate Shortlists
CRM Designed for Recruitment
Superior Candidate Experience

Worldwide, CEOs have named attracting and retaining skilled talent their top priority for 2020. Why? Because the competition for high-quality talent will always be fierce, and securing that talent is the best way to increase profitability. 

Even when unemployment is up, recruiters have trouble finding the right talent. For example, according to TechServe Alliance, unemployment for Computer & IT System Managers and Electrical Engineers can remain as low as 1.8% and 2.4%, respectively, even when general unemployment is as high as 13%. 

So, what does this mean for recruiters? It means engaging and capturing top-tier talent will always be a difficult task. But difficult is not impossible. With Ceipal, you get software designed to help you meet every challenge along the way.

The Challenge

Identifying the Right Candidate

Unfortunately, inefficient talent sourcing is the industry standard. In fact, 76% of hiring managers admit that attracting the right kind of talent is their greatest challenge. Even if the perfect candidate does apply to your position, finding them is another nightmare. Today, for every 100 resumes a recruiter receives, over 80 are completely unqualified for the job. The time you spend sifting through the bad candidates is time—and money—wasted.

76% of hiring managers admit that attracting the right candidate is their #1 challenge.

Engaging candidates regularly is key to effective hiring.

Staying on Top of Candidate Outreach

Deciding what candidates you like is the first step – getting those candidates interested in you is another. There will always be competition for the best talent, so establishing a strategic approach to candidate engagement is a must. Implementing that strategy, though, is challenging. How can recruiters effectively engage with candidates on social media, email, and phone, all while keeping up with their day-to-day tasks?

Superior Candidate Experience

A recent study reported that nearly 60% of job seekers have poor candidate experiences. As a result, 63% of these candidates reject a job offer—even if the salary and benefits are competitive. To make matters worse, 72% of these candidates tell other candidates about your company, ruining your reputation. Simply put, if you don’t prioritize your candidate experience throughout the application process, you risk losing your top candidates and your brand.

60% of job seekers have a poor candidate experience.

Streamlined Hiring Solutions

Despite all these challenges, there’s good news: finding the right candidate for your company is not impossible. Ceipal’s talent engagement software is there to make it easy.

From identifying the perfect fit from hundreds of applicants to curating a personalized experience for your candidate, the Ceipal platform delivers solutions that streamline the hiring process.

The Ceipal Solution

AI Applicant Ranking

AI-Driven Candidate Shortlist

Leverage artificial intelligence to find the right kind of talent. Our AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing searches the entire talent market to deliver the most qualified candidates to your dashboard. Curating candidate data from public forums like Google, the AI ranks potential candidates based on technical skills and cultural compatibility. Plus, the system will objectively assess all submitted resumes and curate a shortlist of contenders based on your requirements and priorities.

KPI reports

Objective People Analytics

Find the perfect fit for your team with Ceipal. Our data-driven people analytics uses cognitive models and scientific analysis to find candidates that align with your clients’ values. By assessing working styles, learning styles, and workplace incentives, these analytics increase placement retention rates by 2x with 90% accuracy for submissions.

The CRM for Talent Acquisition

Automate engagement and provide a superior candidate experience. Fully equipped with multi-step campaigns, responsive workflows, social media and SMS integrations, and more, Ceipal’s talent engagement software is designed to ease recruiters’ workloads for more efficient hiring.

Branded Career Page

Attract top talent with a personalized branded career portal, fully integrated with our ATS. With Ceipal’s talent engagement software, you can create user-friendly and engaging career pages that highlight the best features of your brand while driving applicants to your job openings.

Candidate Engagement

Personalized Onboarding

Engage new hires from their first day on the job. With Ceipal, every new hire receives an onboarding portal personalized for them. Brand this portal with your company logo, mission statement, welcome videos, and any other relevant training material so your hires have access to essential company resources from day one.