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How Staffing Firms Can Level Up to Increase Market Share

How Staffing Firms Can Level Up to Increase Market Share

Are you involved with a small-to-midsize staffing firm looking for ways to grow its presence in the industry? Do you have an interest in learning more about how key technology trends for digital transformation could transform your business? If yes, consider checking out our latest GetWise Webinar, “How Staffing Firms Can Level Up to Increase Market Share.”

Hosted by our EVP James Lucier, this enlightening talk featured insights by Terri Gallagher, President and CEO of Gallagher & Consultants, and Amar Chadipirala, Chief Technology Officer of Ceipal. The discussion explored various hot topics of interest, including:

  • Key technology trends for digital transformation (i.e. VMS, Talent Pool Tech, CRM, ATS)
  • How adding MSP, Direct Sourcing, and RPO solutions can give you stickiness with clients and new revenue streams
  • Why small- and mid-size staffing firms will be the new Goliath in Staffing
  • What tech and service models are needed to offer MSP, Direct Sourcing, and RPO
  • Why providing just staffing is no longer enough to stay competitive or even in the game

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About Terri Gallagher

President/CEO, Gallagher & Consultants

Terri Gallagher is the founder of Gallagher and Consultants, a WBENC-certified workforce consultancy. She has over 20 years of experience building out successful contingent workforce solutions using best-of-breed talent, technology, and alliance partners. Her passion is helping Staffing Providers “Level Up”, with the right services and technology approach, to increase effectiveness and expand their workforce solutions offerings to expand their revenue and growth.

She is also an accomplished speaker, writer, and published author.

About Amar Chadipirala

Chief Technology Officer, Ceipal

Amar has a flair to look into the future. He joined Ceipal in 2011, where he was tasked with building an internal database of the most sought-after profiles in the market. Little did anyone realize, this database would evolve into one of the most versatile and efficient HCM systems available on the market today. Now with three offices globally, Ceipal has managed to make its mark in the HCM market. Amar, known for his congenial demeanor, has and is playing a key role in molding Ceipal to its full potential.