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The Mid- to Long-Term Impact of Coronavirus on the Staffing Industry

The Mid- to Long-Term Impact of Coronavirus on the Staffing Industry

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, the staffing industry is faced with challenging uncertainties. At Ceipal, we wanted to have a conversation geared towards helping firms develop business strategies going forward. That’s why we started our webinar series, “Winning Strategies for Staffing Businesses at Critical Times.” 

In this webinar labeled, “Ceipal on Coronavirus & the Staffing Industry: The Mid- to Long-Term Impact,” Ceipal was joined by industry experts and thought-leaders from around the globe to forecast what the industry will look like post-COVID19, and what strategies can be implemented to remain competitive. Our panelists consisted of multiple key players throughout the industry, with representation from Randstad, Quess Corp, Whitridge Associates and Softworld.

With over 450 live attendees during the webinar, we were also able to capture some real-time data and thoughts across the industry.

Here were some key takeaways from the conversation: 

  • Most professionals expect full recovery within 3-6 months, but business won’t look the same. Our panelists predicted that firms who adopt a recession mentality, taking on new types of business, will recovery the most quickly. 
  • Modern technology is more important than ever before. Software that foster real-time communication and data sharing between teams is getting firms through this crisis, and even in a post-pandemic world, this technology will remain essential. 
  • The boundaries of work versus home have been blurred—possibly forever. With professionals working from home worldwide, employees are pulling longer hours, working through deadlines, and are constantly available. Post-pandemic, our experts predict this will be the new norm, combining work life and home life for good. 
  • Bolstering team morale is essential. When people are scared about their health, their job, and their families, work needs to respect that. Firms who take the time to check in with not only employees, but with clients and consultants, are distinguishing themselves as leaders who care and leaders who will succeed. 

On behalf of the entire Ceipal team, we would like to thank all panelists for their insights and time. The state of the world and business right now is shocking to all of us — but with any luck, by the time this pandemic lifts, we’ll know how to address these crises in the future, and we’ll be stronger for it.

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