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Four Strategies on Staying Productive & Profitable Post COVID-19

Four Strategies on Staying Productive & Profitable Post COVID-19

The recruiting industry has taken a hit from COVID-19. Below are four on-demand webinars that will provide additional input on strategies you and your organization can use to stay productive and profitable post COVID-19.

These on-demand webinars can be found below.

Ceipal & Nexxt’s Perspective on How Business Insights Drive Staffing Firms to Profitability

Joined by Nexxt’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Nikos Livadas, and Ceipal’s very own Vice President of Marketing, Peter Velikin, this webinar explores how to leverage business intelligence successfully for long-term effects. Together, panelists discussed:

  • The state of business intelligence in the staffing industry today.
  • How the future of recruitment is shaped by big data analytics.
  • How business intelligence increases profitability across the board.
  • And, how Ceipal’s platform provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities for best results.

Understanding the Total Cost of your Staffing Ecosystem

Over the past several weeks, the staffing industry has been adapting and reacting to the recent coronavirus pandemic that has been changing industries on a global scale. In order to keep your staffing firm performing strong, it is important to have a complete understanding of the total cost of your staffing ecosystem, and knowing how to identify and manage shifting budgets and priorities to stay afloat.

This webinar shares insights on specific investments and tools that may lead to long-term savings, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting – An Industry Report

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence has transformed multiple industries by providing the ability to gain previously unreachable insights through near-instant analysis of massive amounts of data. Structurally, the staffing industry is a great fit for many of the modern AI technologies—searching from millions of resumes and large volumes of unstructured data, matching to vital but imperfectly written job descriptions, and meeting continuously changing requirements. The ability to run millions of correlations and analyses, and then make data-driven decisions, can surely transform the industry for the better.

This webinar shared the results of a cross-continent industry study commissioned by Ceipal which answer the following important questions about AI and the Staffing Industry:

1. What are the drivers for adopting AI in the staffing industry?
2. How does adoption vary by company size and geographic location?
3. What are the first practical applications of AI for recruiting?
4. What are the quantifiable benefits these early adopters are reaping?

If you and your firm are interested in understanding AI and its impact on the staffing industry, please view this timely webinar recording today. Click here to learn more.

Transforming Crisis into Opportunity: Managing the COVID-19 Business Landscape

Let’s face it – business has changed. With the coronavirus impacting organizations and industries across the globe, we are all seeing a bit of a crisis in multiple different areas. However – with crisis comes opportunity. Within this webinar, we are joined by a range of industry-wide leaders, including Alok Kumar (Manpower Group), Venkat Mantha (Indotronix Avani Group), Vishal Dembla (PERSOLKELLY), Bharat Talwar (TalentBurst), and David Chao (DHI Group, Inc.)

Within the webinar, each panelist covers the following questions:

  1. What were your first thoughts when the shutdowns were announced? How did you and your team respond?
  2. What strategies did you implement to combat the sudden slowdown of business? How did you respond to clients reporting a decrease in job requirements?
  3. How have you handled the sudden transition to work-from-home? What have been the challenges (and potential benefits) to this change?
  4. What are your strategies to retain and acquire new clients, both while the crisis is ongoing and as we look forward to its end?
  5. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs or business leaders on surviving during these difficult times and thriving post-crisis?