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Recruitment CRM: An Overview of Candidate Relationship Management

Recruitment CRM: An Overview of Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) in recruitment is a solution that is used to manage talent and nurture long-lasting relationships with candidates that help recruiters increase the conversion rate of applicants into employees. As a part of the recruitment marketing strategy, talent acquisition professionals can use CRM tools to communicate targeted messaging to their wider talent communities. 

A Recruitment CRM is the ultimate automation solution for candidate engagement and for building a cohesive talent pool that includes past candidates, current applicants, and potential future candidates – streamlining the entire talent acquisition process.

The Importance of a Recruitment CRM

  • Communication Control 
  • Stellar Employer Branding 
  • Engaged Talent Communities/Pools
  • Channel Integrations
  • Increased Recruitment Productivity

Implementing a CRM for Building a Robust Talent Pool


Candidate Relationship Management solutions enable the implementation of a highly effective recruitment marketing strategy whose purpose is to create long-lasting relationships with candidates and keep them interested in you as an employer. CRM as a recruitment marketing tool is used for automating communications across various platforms and touchpoints, including mass mailers, SMS blasts, and newsletters to nurture relationships with passive candidates in the pre-application stage. 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is used to source candidates, find the best match for the job and get them onboarded. An ATS is a data repository, comprising job seekers and applicants to enable recruiters to speed up the hiring process. It can also act as a compliance tool while following and managing workflows. 

The strength lies in the integration: CRM + ATS!

Combining CRM with ATS covers the entire recruitment funnel, raising awareness about job openings, engaging with candidates, managing the application and selection processes, releasing offer letters, and onboarding. To scale a business, it is important to understand that one tool is not enough because the functionality is very different for both tools. Having an ATS and a CRM embedded gives you a competitive edge to assemble the best talent in the market and work in a data-driven mindset. 

Whether your goal is to diversify your hiring process or bulk hiring, this enables you to make decisions based on numbers and analytics, find the most productive channels, and have visibility across platforms and statuses of applicants. It is important to equip recruiters with such tools to make informed decisions. 

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CEIPAL’s Recruitment CRM

CEIPAL’s CRM is tailored ‌for staffing and consulting firms and seamlessly integrates with an ATS to streamline the recruitment process and increase the productivity of recruiters while reducing the time and cost of hire with the following features and capabilities:

  • Makes the candidate’s experience as seamless as possible with career site integrations and recruitment marketing tools in a centralized platform. 
  • Uses customizable templates and focused campaigns for candidate engagement.
  • Sends automated notifications, information about the company, and job requirements to applicants hassle-free. 
  • Manages recruitment workflows and prompting actions based on data and numbers. 
  • Provides a 360-degree overview of candidate activity starting, from their first click and continuing to onboarding. 
  • Converts engagement into insights with CEIPAL’s business intelligence reporting and analytics.