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AI-Powered Candidate Ranking

AI-Powered Candidate Ranking

Say goodbye to losing candidates to competitors, and say hello to fast, effective recruiting.

Candidate sourcing is the first (and most crucial) step that determines the efficiency and timeliness of a recruiter’s process. A high-quality pool of sourced candidates leads to a more specific and relevant reach, which shortens the overall recruitment cycle. Sourcing directly impacts the recruiters’ end goal of maximizing quality placements.

How Can We Always Source the Best Candidates?

While it is an agreed fact that candidate sourcing is the most crucial step in the whole process, a human-only approach limits the potential efficiency and quality. Bias, errors, time, limited factor consideration, and no possibility to correlate within the factors are some of the major issues with a human-only approach.

The answer? Artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the go-to for ensuring the most efficient and effective start to the recruitment process.

Ceipal – Powered by Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Candidate Sourcing

Ceipal, powered by AI, is built to address the concerns and bottlenecks that recruiters face at each phase of the recruitment cycle. Candidate sourcing being the most crucial, Ceipal has recently released AI-Powered Candidate Ranking to augment the quality in the process.

What is AI-Powered Candidate Ranking?

Using Artificial Intelligence, Ceipal can instantly identify the most relevant and optimal candidates for any given position. The system uses robust capabilities to read through the job requirements and source the candidates from the internal database in order of best fit for the job parameters. It not only evaluates the desired skills but also correlates the likelihood of a candidate accepting a position. After a thorough evaluation, the tool gives a ranked list of candidates illustrating the match percentages that were found. This can also be termed the percent relevance of the candidate for the specific job position.

Recruiter’s Empowered with Multiple Filters

Recruitment is a dynamic process with varied ask from clients. Keeping this in mind, Ceipal provides recruiters with multiple filters, enabling them to find only the best matches (and nothing less). The recruiters are given the option to set the percent relevance between the job title and the desired skills. This input is taken by the system, while evaluating and giving out the ranked results for the best possible matches.

There are multiple other factors considered, such as employment status, location, and length of employment. The sourcing and ranking happens directly from the job boards, cutting down the time that recruiters need to spend on searching for candidates and screening their resumes.

How Do Recruiters Benefit from This Feature?

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness. The process is efficient by cutting down on the time taken to source candidates. All the time saved is the time that recruiters can spend more meaningfully. The entire recruitment cycle now runs on fast forward mode. The process is more effective than manual search and screening because it is avoiding all the possible pitfalls mentioned above. Only the best of the best is provided, allowing the recruiters’ to maximize their time usage and overall candidate quality.
  • Empowered Recruiters. With numerous numbers of filters available, recruiters are empowered to make the best combinations, suitable for them and their clients. The recruiters are also freed from their never-ending screen time on the job boards. This, in return, helps them put more channeled efforts into connecting and building relations with the candidates.
  • Intelligent Rankings with Rationale. Recruiters are also given an option to view in detail, on why and how the matching score and ranks were given. This detailed analysis includes skills, job titles, education, industries covered, and more., It also shows the employment history and any available certifications or licenses within the same window. This gives the recruiters a single view of a holistic picture of the candidate, avoiding the back and forth between multiple windows.

If You Don’t Invest in AI, What Will You Miss Out On?

By not investing in this AI-powered candidate ranking, recruiters would end up:

  • Spending more time than needed on sourcing and screening candidates
  • Losing the competitive edge of getting the best available candidates
  • Recruiting inefficiently and ineffectively

Now is the time. Say goodbye to losing candidates to competitors and say hello to fast, effective recruiting.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • “I’ve seen the features, and I honestly think artificial intelligence is the only way to go.”
    —Anil Kilaru, CEO | Primus Global
  • “Traditional recruitment will be forced to evolve or become extinct with the implementation of AI into its space . . . recruitment cycles will be shortened, accuracy & retention will be at an all-time high, bias will be a thing of the past.”
    —George Koh, Managing Director | Smart Recruitment
  • “Ceipal is showing the recruitment world what artificial intelligence actually looks like in practice, and our recruiters couldn’t be more excited.”
    —Derrick Alex Head of Delivery Excellence | VDart Inc.
  • “It’s most important for any staffing company to reach out to the best 50 suitable people for a given job, and not to mass mail 1,000 people for every new job.”
    —Vaibhav Mishra, Director | United Software Group

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