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Ceipal Aggregates Job Board Search Results Within Platform—Instantly

Ceipal Aggregates Job Board Search Results Within Platform—Instantly

Let Ceipal instantly deliver faster search results, efficient job board credit usage, and higher submission rates.

There’s no getting around the necessity of job boards. But there’s also no getting around how expensive they are for staffing firms and recruiters. On average, staffing firms spend $8,000/month on job board credits and more. At Ceipal, we can help you minimize that cost, while making your process 5x more efficient. Our platform does the work! Here’s how:

Ceipal Integrated Search

Ceipal enables recruiters to search for candidates from all subscribed job boards and their database simultaneously—all without ever leaving the platform. Recruiters can: 

  • Enhance productivity. Searching from within Ceipal’s platform means there’s no need to log in and out of each individual job board site. And that means no more transferring resumes on recruiters’ time. The system does that by itself, saving hours of work. 
  • Identify relevant candidates faster. Search by critical criteria, like skills, location, keywords, and more. The system will pull the best candidates, and rank them so recruiters can easily identify the best fits. 
  • Optimize job board credit usage. Because the system draws from both job boards and a native database, it won’t download resumes already stored in the system. That means recruiters will never click on the same profile twice, and their job board credits never go to waste. 

What Are the Benefits? 

  • Access all job boards directly from your ATS—in real time. Accessing all job boards directly from the Ceipal platform creates a new, streamlined workflow. Recruiters can compare candidates side by side instantaneously. This birds-eye view of all candidates creates a more efficient workflow for better results. 
  • No duplicate resumes. Almost every recruiter database is stuffed with duplicate resumes. Every duplicate resume represents a wasted job board credit, which represents a net loss for the firm. The Ceipal platform is programmed to automatically download all viewed resumes, and then scan for duplicate resumes, so recruiters never pay for the same resume twice. 
  • Use job board credits efficiently. Ceipal’s market research shows that 30% of job board resumes are viewed by the same recruiter / firm more than once, adding 15% to a firm’s overall job board spend annually. In addition to cutting credits wasted on duplicates, the Ceipal platform will automatically fill and refill recruiter quotas. That way, teams have the resources they need to work efficiently and intelligently.
  • AI-boosted recruiter productivity. The Ceipal platform leverages artificial intelligence to take recruiter productivity to new heights. With every job board search, the artificial intelligence shortlists the most qualified candidates from all boards. The result? Higher quality candidates for a higher rate of submissions.

Searching Job Boards With Ceipal

Job boards are necessary. But sometimes it’s difficult for recruiters to navigate the world of credits, integrations, and the like. At Ceipal, we’ve found a solution. Our platform delivers results through our integrated search module, with clients citing up to 40% savings by efficiently using job board credits. 

Plus, unlike competitors, Ceipal doesn’t charge firms for job board integrations. We partner with all standard industry providers, like LinkedIn, Monster, and Dice, and these integrations are included in our license price, so firms never have to worry about hidden fees down the road.