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Managed Resume Harvesting: Transform a Tedious Recruiting Task

Managed Resume Harvesting: Transform a Tedious Recruiting Task

When it comes to sourcing candidates these days, more than half all of applicants are sourced from job boards, with the rest coming from career sites. What does this mean for recruiters? The average recruiter spends a lot of time on job boards and career sites. The process of securing qualified candidates from job boards isn’t always simple; it can be confusing, tedious, and expensive if recruiters have a limited number of downloadable resumes due to job board credits. Let’s face it, there is only so much time in the day to comb through those boards. Ceipal has a better way.

Source Smarter With Managed Resume Harvesting

Ceipal’s Managed Resume Harvesting automates the searching and downloading of applicant profiles into recruiters’ private, internal databases. No more logging in and out of portals, manually downloading resumes, or wondering if you have any credits left on that board. You can even schedule resume harvesting to run during non-work hours based on criteria you set. Managed Resume Harvesting will enable you to source candidates in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually, increasing productivity and saving you time and money. Sound like a better way to work?

How it Works

Ceipal’s Managed Resume Harvesting is a powerful feature of our ATS that uses AI to automate sourcing, data maintenance, and other tedious aspects of the recruiting workflow on job boards and career sites. The key capabilities include:

Auto Sourcing: Write the job description once, and let resume harvesting go to work. Our resume harvesting feature searches and downloads qualified profiles from multiple job boards directly into your database. You never have to leave the platform.

Job Board Credits: The feature intelligently manages job board credit usage so you don’t have to. Team leaders and recruiters can specify how many credits to use on which jobs, and the feature will find the best profiles with the allocated resources. 

Scheduled Harvesting: Our managed resume harvesting can even be programmed to source talent during non-work hours—just set your criteria and go home. The harvested resumes are automatically downloaded and available in recruiters’ internal database whenever they are needed.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to free up more time for the really important parts of your job? With Managed Resume Harvesting, you can do just that.

How You’ll Benefit

Ceipal understands that not everything can be automated, and that some of the most important tasks (like getting to know candidates) deserve more time and focus. This automation enables recruiters to devote their attention to building relationships, analyzing the candidate’s overall fit for the job, and providing a great candidate experience. We’ll take care of the tedious tasks, while you take care of the more important human interaction.

Leveraging Ceipal‘s Managed Resume Harvesting will also help you:

1. Build an Intelligent Resume Database 

  • Ceipal harvesting automates the building of an intelligent resume database and eliminates your long-term dependency on job boards.
  • Applicant profiles are automatically sourced, empowering recruiters to concentrate exclusively on their most important work: building relationships.

2. Utilize Job Boards More Effectively 

  • No more wasting job board credits with duplications
  • Ceipal harvesting assists you in making job board investment decisions objectively, with an in-depth observation of specific reports.

3. Source With a Single Click

  • Schedule and source the highest qualified candidates with just a click of a button.
  • Cut sourcing time and double your placements.

4. Cut Costs

  • Harvesting is hosted & managed within the Ceipal platform, only one login needed.
  • No extra infrastructure & maintenance costs
  • Eliminate the risk of manual maintenance errors through automation.

Stop Sourcing the Hard Way

Want to make your job easier? We don’t blame you! Resume harvesting is a better, smarter way to get qualified candidates from a much bigger pool than just your internal database. Imagine finding more top talent in less time, saving on your job board costs, and building a more robust database all with one tool. Ceipal’s Managed Resume Harvesting is the intelligent, simple, and effective sourcing solution to increase your productivity and ensure you’re recruiting better, faster, and smarter. See it for yourself and discover why we’re The Staffing Software People!

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