Build a Database You & Your Clients Can Rely On

Leverage artificial intelligence to streamline candidate acquisition & build a pipeline of high quality candidates for your clients.

The Ceipal Impact

Increase Talent Pool By +70%
Data-Driven People Analytics
Automated Candidate Engagement

A candidate pipeline is a staffing firm’s biggest asset. But, filling your pipeline with high-quality talent is a difficult task. It requires keeping up with market trends, building a network, surfing job boards and social media, and, most importantly, engaging with candidates.

Ceipal solves this candidate pipeline challenge. With capabilities like Automated Passive Candidate Sourcing, AI-Powered Candidate Ranking & Matching, and Managed Resume Harvesting, the platform empowers recruiters with a candidate pipeline tool that offers quick and painless ways to consistently engage top talent.

The Challenge

Shortage of Skilled Talent

Despite the sudden spike in unemployment rates, the talent market is still facing a shortage of skilled workers. In industries like manufacturing, experts are predicting a 2.4 million worker shortage by 2028. What’s more, with a new WFH business model, C-suite executives are desperate for talent that can execute their tech transformation. The demand for high-quality talent is more competitive than ever—and more important.

2.4 million worker shortage is expected by 2028.

80% of employee turnovers result from poor hiring decisions.

Human Bias in Hiring

90% of organizations named seeking diverse candidates as a top priority. But combating unconscious bias in hiring is easier said than done. In fact, most interviewers make a decision about a candidate’s suitability within the first 15 minutes, without objectively assessing skill sets or experience. The challenge for staffing firms, then, is increasing diversity in the workforce while providing the best talent available.

Keeping Candidates Engaged

Candidate engagement is a key step in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult. It’s already hard enough to consistently reach out to multiple candidates via email, text, and phone. Then add in that certain industries—such as nursing and manufacturing—keep candidates away from their emails. That makes sustaining candidate engagement and eventually placing candidates twice as difficult, especially without a dedicated candidate pipeline tool.

Reach out to multiple candidates.

The Role of Automation

Despite the challenges that come with modern recruiting, you must maintain a high quality candidate pipeline. Otherwise, your profitability is dead. And what’s more, you have to build this pipeline faster than your competitors. 

At Ceipal, we provide you with tools to build this pipeline and keep candidates engaged and active. Leveraging artificial intelligence and automation technology, our platform allows you to consistently engage the talent you need with minimal effort. 

The Ceipal Solution

AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing

Leverage artificial intelligence to increase your talent pool by over 70%. Our AI-Passive Candidate Sourcing candidate pipeline tool searches the entire talent market to deliver the most qualified candidates to your dashboard. Curating candidate data from public forums like Google, the AI ranks potential candidates based on technical skills and cultural compatibility. Plus, the system automatically creates profiles for your shortlisted candidates, so your database is always growing with high-quality talent.


AI-Driven Candidate Matching & Ranking

Instantly identify the optimal candidate for your position using artificial intelligence. Our AI-Powered Candidate Matching & Ranking will objectively assess all submitted resumes and deliver the best results to your dashboard, complete with an analysis of technical skills, work experience, and a reverse compatibility score.

Data-Driven People Analytics

Reduce human bias in recruitment by 80% with Ceipal. Our data-driven people analytics uses cognitive models and scientific analysis to find candidates that align with your client’s values. Assessing working styles, learning styles, and workplace incentives, these people analytics increase placement retention rates by 2x with 90% accuracy for submissions.

Screening Candidates

Managed Resume Harvesting

Find qualified candidates even when you’re not at work. Ceipal’s Managed Resume Harvesting uses AI to search job boards for candidates who fit your job description. Allow the AI to scan your job description, specify how many credits can be used, and then set the feature to work. You can even schedule the resuming harvesting in your non-work hours, so you return to the office with a fresh batch of resumes, ready to review.

Candidate Engagement

Automated Candidate Engagement

Automate your engagement strategy for a more responsive talent pool. At Ceipal, we equip you with tools designed to automate candidate engagement. From our built-in SMS platform, TextToHire, to our CRM designed for recruitment, Ceipal automates all manual and repetitive outreach tasks so your team is free to create human relationships with candidates.