Contingent Staffing

Cut labor costs by up to 70% & simplify how you find, engage, & acquire your contingent workforce. 

The Ceipal Impact

Up to 70% Cost Savings
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Data-Driven Candidate Selection

In 2018, the gig economy was worth as much as $37 trillion. To meet talent needs, the practice of outsourcing highly-niche jobs to one-time consultants has become increasingly common. 

Still, managing a contingent workforce is no easy task. Not only do recruiters need to balance new rules for pay rates and market analytics, but they also have to ensure all employees meet company standards and government regulations. 

Luckily, the advent of advanced technology has helped this transition to a more flexible workforce. With integrations between ATS-VMS platforms, like Ceipal Procurewise, more recruitment teams are turning towards contingent labor as their secret weapon.

But with today’s advanced technology, finding the best candidates doesn’t require an executive recruiter. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, either. And with Ceipal’s AI-Driven Passive Candidate Sourcing, it does neither.

The Challenge

Managing Overhead Costs

Labor costs can account for as much as 70% of total business costs, including employee wages, benefits, payroll, and other related taxes. For small companies trying to grow, it can be difficult to strike a balance between investing in a larger workforce and mitigating these overhead costs. But creating this balance is critical to success. Otherwise, companies will either leave opportunities on the table or overrun their budgets with employee benefits and salaries.

The average job applications receives over 250 resumes.

83% of employers have difficulty finding a suitable candidate.

Finding Skilled Labor

About 83% of employers have difficulty finding suitable candidates to hire. That’s because the labor market is in the midst of a global skills shortage, especially in sectors like IT, manufacturing, and healthcare. This means it’s increasingly difficult for companies to hire someone with the appropriate skills on a reasonable timeline. Waiting too long to find someone may cause a project to fail—but hiring someone without the appropriate skill set could do the same.

Vetting Contingent Workers

Already, 62% of HR managers are turning towards more flexible means of acquiring talent, like hiring contingent labor. However, simply outsourcing tasks to a third-party is not a catch-all solution. How can hiring managers be sure that their contractors will deliver quality work? And if they don’t, how will the company ensure projects are completed on time and at a high standard? Most importantly, how can hiring managers track that all outsourced workers are in line with government regulations to protect their company from risk?

62% of HR managers are turning towards more flexible talent acquisition solutions.

Contingent Workforce Management

Ceipal takes a data-driven approach to contingent staffing. Through its VMS offering Ceipal Procurewise, Ceipal offers end-to-end contingent staffing solutions. From one platform, you can scale your workforce up and down, hire skilled laborers, deploy talent on a per-project basis, and tightly manage your talent spend. 

Providing insights into market rates, AI-powered sourcing, and information on past candidate performance, Ceipal Procurewise equips recruiters and hiring managers with everything they need for success. 

The Ceipal Solution

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Visibility into Market Rates

Get the right talent at the right price. Even though outsourcing jobs can save up to 70% on labor costs, companies will often end up paying well above market rates for sub-par candidates, simply because they don’t know what’s fair. With Ceipal Procurewise’s business intelligence, recruiters can compare different pay rates side-by-side. If you’re using third-party suppliers, the system will automatically generate a “scorecard” for each one. By measuring supplier performance on quality, price, and turnaround time, these scorecards ensure that you’re outsourcing your jobs to the right people for the best results.

AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing

Meet the skills shortage with AI. The Ceipal Procurewise integration will provide instant candidate recommendations for every job opening. These recommendations are complete with an analysis of technical skills, past experience, cultural compatibility, and the likelihood of that candidate to take your job. With Ceipal you can even source “passive candidates,” i.e. candidates not actively looking for a job, to discover those skills which are increasingly hard to find.

Automated Worker Compliance

Mitigate risk and follow all necessary regulations. Ceipal Procurewise automates the process of vetting would-be-employees. With end-to-end compliance solutions, including I-9 verification modules, background check integration partners, and immigration and PAF tracking, Ceipal Procurewise ensures all employees are in good standing before they’re signed on.

Team Analytics

Advanced Business Intelligence

Receive instant insights about your workforce. Ceipal Procurewise’s powerful analytics provide data on employee performance, project milestones, and manager feedback. With customizable reports and interactive dashboards, this data updates in real-time, so hiring managers instantly understand which candidates succeed (and which don’t) for smoother internal operations.