AI-Powered People Analytics

Take an informed, data-driven approach to hiring & double your workforce’s diversity & productivity with Ceipal. 

The Ceipal Impact

Candidate Personality Assessments
document showing AI candidate analytics
Cultural Compatibility Scores
2x Diversity & 2.5x Retention

83% of executives agree that a diverse workforce improves their organization’s ability to capture and retain a diverse client base. What’s more, organizations with diverse boards have 95% higher returns on equity than their less diverse competitors. 

Despite efforts to progress, unconscious bias is rampant in the workplace, as 95% of decisions are made by the unconscious mind. The reality of unconscious bias—especially in the hiring process—is too important to ignore, and recruiters need to find effective ways to combat their implicit assumptions. 

At Ceipal, we help make hiring more objective and more diverse by leveraging AI technology and scientific cognitive models to deliver AI candidate analytics that are impartial and fair. These analytics not only streamline your hiring process – they increase retention rates, employee satisfaction, and company-wide diversity.

The Challenge

Cultural Compatibility

90% of recruiters have rejected candidates due to their lack of cultural fit. The problem is, you only know whether or not a candidate will (or will not) jive with your company culture once you’ve brought them in for an interview. And that means you’ve wasted time investing in this potential candidate, only to find that hiring them would be disastrous.

90% of recruiters have rejected candidates because of lack of cultural fit.

90% of organizations named seeking diverse candidates as a top priority.

Human Bias in Hiring

90% of organizations named seeking diverse candidates as a top priority. But combating unconscious bias in hiring is easier said than done. In fact, most interviewers make a decision about a candidate’s suitability within the first 15 minutes, without objectively assessing skill sets or experience. The challenge for staffing firms, then, is increasing diversity in the workforce while providing the best talent available.

Attracting the Right Talent

65% of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers. If your workforce is not diverse, these candidates are likely to pass up your offers, making it difficult to establish a diverse workforce. And yet, highly inclusive companies are more likely to hit their financial target goals by up to 120%. The question is, how do you achieve this diversity so you can build on it?

65% of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when considering offers.

Recruiting a Diverse & Skilled Workforce

The good news is that attracting and retaining a diverse workforce isn’t as hard as it seems. At Ceipal, we take a data-driven approach to candidate assessments. Combining AI technology with scientific cognitive models, our platform provides objective and rigorous candidate evaluations, completely bias-free. 

These AI candidate analytics are shown to increase resiliency, inclusion, and diversity by 2x, while increasing employee retention and productivity by 2.5x. 

The Ceipal Solution

Personality Assessments

Imagine knowing the Meyers Briggs of every one of your candidates. With Ceipal, you can. Our AI candidate analytics gathers information from public forums, like Google and Github, to analyze candidate personality types. For every candidate, you receive an easy-to-understand infographic detailing their working styles, learning styles, and workplace values. These evaluations are like getting to know your candidate over coffee—but in seconds.

Talent Bench

Cultural Alignment

Instantly identify the candidate who fits with your company culture. For every candidate, Ceipal’s AI provides a “Cultural Alignment” score. Based on information from social media platforms, past work experience, and more, the AI ranks that candidate’s suitability for your organization. What’s more, the AI will also run a “reverse compatibility” test, measuring how likely it is that candidate is interested in your job opening.

Candidate Engagement

Outreach & Engagement Tactics

 Engage with candidates effectively. Using advanced cognitive models, Ceipal’s AI provides recommendations on how to reach out to candidates. The AI gives tips on how to structure your initial outreach email and even details what benefits incentive that candidate, so you can curate your job offer accordingly. Plus, once that employee is hired on, the AI gives an overview of how to work effectively with that hire, so you’re getting the most out of your workforce.