Enhance Team and Client Outcomes

Find talent faster to optimize spend and efficiency

Improve productivity and performance by 60%

Ceipal’s unified platform drives improved efficiency throughout the entire talent process, so you see results immediately.

  • Increase recruiter productivity.
    Post jobs to multiple job boards, social media platforms, and other hiring channels with a single click while sourcing passive candidates to add greater depth of skills to your database.
  • Improve business performance.
    Ceipal’s automated workflow accelerates the sourcing and hiring process, enabling you to place candidates faster, significantly reducing costs associated with having an open position.

Reduce time-to-fill by 50%

Ceipal’s total talent management system provides the automation you need to discover and hire skilled candidates faster.

Leverage integrations to improve business outcomes

Access a marketplace of  integrations to streamline your recruitment processes and achieve better outcomes in a highly competitive hiring market.

  • Digitally transform recruiting processes.
    Ceipal offers over 165 integrations for recruiting productivity, social media, job boards, and more to further streamline and automate the tasks involved in identifying, hiring, and onboarding candidates.
  • Shift your recruiting focus.
    Automated tools and processes enable recruiters to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the important work of candidate engagement, which results in increased fill rates and revenue.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects internal and corporate recruiting teams to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease — all included in the cost of the platform.

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See the Ceipal difference for yourself

Discover how we’ve helped internal and corporate recruiting teams drive meaningful results by combining speed, visibility, and insights in one comprehensive platform.