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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting [Q&A]

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting [Q&A]

Our recent webinar with TechServe Alliance covered a range of topics regarding artificial intelligence in the recruiting industry. With over 300 registrants, the webinar led to a great deal of questions to learn more. These questions are captured below with detailed responses.

Question 1: Where will we be getting all the resumes – the internal database or job boards?

Answer: Resumes can be migrated from numerous job boards into the internal database, thereby helping you build a candidate database and reduce the reliance on job boards. Ceipal‘s Artificial Intelligence works on the internal database,where it matches and ranks applicants to an open job.

On top of that, Ceipal‘s passive candidate sourcing gives recruiters a verified LinkedIn profile, analyzes their social signals and profiles on numerous platforms (such as Google, Github, or Stack Overflow), and validates the curated candidate information with their LinkedIn profile. This then gives them a compatibility score based on the candidate’s Cultural Alignment and Technical Alignment

Question 2:  What sources are Ceipal pulling candidates from? Is it an ATS?

Answer: Yes, Ceipal is an applicant tracking system with a core focus of Talent Management and People Analytics. Users can add profiles from numerous sources, such as the following:

  • Job Boards 
  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Native Device

After adding applicants into the system, Ceipal‘s Artificial Intelligence automatically matches and ranks these applicants to various open jobs within the system. Ceipal‘s AI also helps in matching jobs to candidates too!

Question 3: Did you investigate what areas/subjects of the human bias the 29% disagreed that AI will eliminate bias? Was there a regional bias to those who disagreed?

Answer: Those that disagreed seem to focus on these two specific areas:

  • Recruiting is a human-driven industry and if the decision makers are biased, there will always be bias.
  • If the programmers of AI are biased, they can program their AI functionality to be bias without even realizing it.

Question 4: Does this system integrate with our current ATS, or does it completely replace it?

Answer: Ceipal replaces any current ATS system. Ceipal is an end-to-end talent management platform, which accommodates every team in a staffing company, from sales to recruitment to HR. With that being said, Ceipal can fully replace existing ATS systems. Additionally, Ceipal also has over 54 built-in integrations with job boards, VMS, and other systems, paired with an open API allowing for easy integration with virtually any system.

Question 5: Do you have access to LinkedIn’s database?

Answer: Ceipal‘s passive candidate sourcing analyzes the publicly available data on numerous platforms such as Google, Github, and Stack Overflow, and validates it with their LinkedIn profile. It also gives them a compatibility score based on the candidate’s Cultural Alignment and Technical Alignment. We do not have access to LinkedIn’s database. But with our LinkedIn chrome extension, users can add the profile that they are viewing into Ceipal‘s database. Users can also add candidates from LinkedIn using the Chrome Plug-in.

Question 6: How accurate are the AI results for non-tech positions? I have found that most tools do not work well used in non-tech jobs (such as landscaping, construction, etc.)

Answer: Ceipal‘s AI sourcer is quite accurate and is not restricted to a type of position. It will provide results with the same accuracy and consistency for every domain.

Question 7: Introducing AI to middle-scale companies may be difficult, as they have a limited budget. Are you planning to introduce customized AI options for such companies? What does this feature currently cost?

Answer: Ceipal does have custom solutions. The AI Sourcer is a premium add-on that customers could choose to purchase. The scaling of the number of submissions with this feature is unparalleled and is a feature that pays for itself (it costs $350.00).

Question 8: How accurate will AI be in eliminating duplicate resumes within the talent pool?

Answer: Ceipal restricts the presence of duplicate resumes by taking the email address as a UID. That means, while adding the profile to the Ceipal account, the uniqueness is verified.

Question 9: How many total companies responded to your industry report?

Answer: The total number of companies that responded to the industry report is 278.

Question 10: What are the parameters that are included in overall effectiveness of matching resumes to job requirements? (keywords in resumes, skills, recent position in most recent years?)

Answer: The parameters that are considered include the following:

  • Keywords
  • Skills
  • Job Title
  • Recency in Skills 
  • Context of Skills
  • Job Location & Environment

Question 11: What is the AI criteria for categorizing a passive candidate? How about active candidates? 

Answer: Ceipal‘s AI Sourcer includes the following:

  • Keywords
  • Skills
  • Job Title
  • Recency in Skills
  • Profiles (Github, Stack Overflow, etc.)

Question 12: If we have a current ATS that has 100,000 candidates within our database, would/could we migrate that data into Ceipal?

Answer: Yes. Ceipal has a dedicated migration team and is experienced with migrating databases from multiple systems, including all major ATS systems like BullHorn, JobDiva, Avionte, iCIMS, eRecruit, etc.

Question 13: How exactly does the targeted emailing work within Ceipal?

Answer: Users can define numerous custom lists and define the templates/data points that they want to share. Emails can also be scheduled to contacts and metrics on opens, bounce rates, etc. within the Ceipal platform.

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