Artificial intelligence for recruiting is all about applying the learning algorithms and problem-solving capabilities of computers to streamline the recruiting workflow.

Artificial Intelligence

Candidate Ranking

Sort candidates by desirable skills & review the most viable contenders first.

Artificial Intelligence

Candidate Relevance

Automatic filtering highlights which candidates are most compatible based on experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Chatbot

Automate high-volume activities and improve candidate engagement

AI: A Recruiter’s Magic Wand

AI: A Recruiter’s Magic Wand

Simplify Hiring

From finding qualified applicants and assessing job fit to scheduling interviews, Artificial Intelligence plays a huge role in making a recruiter’s day-to-day tasks easier than ever.

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AI-Powered Candidate Analytics

Experience the truly mind-blowing power of artificial intelligence

And discover the new depths of candidate knowledge.

  • Understand critical but unseen candidate factors like workplace motivators and learning style for comprehensive candidate knowledge
  • Get tips on how to reach out to your ideal candidate for superior candidate engagement
  • Run reverse compatibility scores for your ideal candidate to see how likely it is they’ll take your job
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AI-Powered Candidate Acquisition

Reduce the time recruiters spend reading résumés

And automatically find & contact the most qualified candidates—before your competitors do.

  • Parse résumés & match candidates’ experience & skills with preset or manually selected job requirements
  • Automatically get candidate ranking to highlight well-matched applicants quickly
  • View a Reverse Compatibility Score to see how likely the candidate is to accept the position
  • “Clone” any well-qualified candidate to see others in the system who are a close match
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AI Chatbot Assistance

Get a personal assistant to help with candidate selection & scheduling

And simplify the steps recruiters need to take to stay up to date.

  • Ask questions & let AI search across the ATS to give consolidated answers
  • See weekly placements, interviews, hires, & more
  • Schedule an interview as easily as writing a text message
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AI Chatbot Assistance

Artificial Intelligence in HR

AI Résumé Parsing

AI is here to solve the résumé crisis. More and more companies have been adopting “smart” platforms that utilize AI to automatically highlight ideal candidates in some way. This intelligent screening software automates the résumé screening process by applying machine learning to the existing résumé database. The software/program will learn which candidates moved on to become successful based on performance, tenure, turnover rates, etc. More importantly, AI can learn what experience, skills, education, and other qualities make for better-qualified candidates and then automatically rank, order, and shortlist them. 


AI Chatbots

A recruitment chatbot is basically an HR manager’s dream assistant! Often, it’s a conversational interface that helps carry out some basic processes using artificial intelligence and machine learning. That means it can be candidate facing, internal, or both! Some common uses for chatbots include collecting basic candidate information, like education or past experience, asking screening questions about candidate qualifications, and then ranking candidates based on those (or other) metrics. They’ll even go so far as to connect worthy candidates with human recruiters and/or set up interviews and meetings between recruiters and candidates.