Artificial intelligence for recruiting is all about applying the learning algorithms and problem-solving capabilities of computers to streamline the recruiting workflow.

Artificial Intelligence

Candidate Ranking

Sort candidates by desirable skills & review the most viable contenders first.

Artificial Intelligence

Candidate Relevance

Automatic filtering highlights which candidates are most compatible based on experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Chatbot

Automate high-volume activities and improve candidate engagement

AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing

Reduce the time recruiters spend reading résumés

And automatically find & contact the most qualified candidates—before your competitors do.

  • Parse résumés & match candidates’ experience & skills with preset or manually selected job requirements
  • Automatically get candidate ranking to highlight well-matched applicants quickly
  • View a Reverse Compatibility Score to see how likely the candidate is to accept the position
  • “Clone” any well-qualified candidate to see others in the system who are a close match
AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing
AI Chatbot Assistance

AI Chatbot Assistance

Get a personal assistant to help with candidate selection & scheduling

And simplify the steps recruiters need to take to stay up to date.

  • Ask questions & let AI search across the ATS to give consolidated answers
  • See weekly placements, interviews, hires, & more
  • Schedule an interview as easily as writing a text message

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