Accounting Software for Staffing Companies

Centralized Operations. Aggregated Data. Smarter Finances.

Ceipal understands the importance of organizing your finances and ensuring all details are fully visible to enhance your decision-making process. That’s why our workforce management system has a range of capabilities to do just that, including the ability to track and manage recruiter expenses in a single location.

Employee Expenses

Track and manage employee expenses to see where your money is going.

Expense Tracking Software

Let employees create, view, and submit expenses in seconds from a mobile phone.

QuickBooks Integration

Automatically store a copy of expenses directly in QuickBooks.

Track Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

Centralize all operations for your ARs and APs. With Ceipal, team members can keep track of bills and monitor open, pending, and paid invoices in one place. Ceipal’s flexible platform allows for the creation and customization of payables, letting you save incomplete bills as drafts and get quick insights into pending invoices. Ceipal truly is accounting software made for staffing companies.

Payroll Data Generator

Collect and curate all data into a single report. All candidate data, from information on timesheets, paid leave, expenses, and benefits, are aggregated into paychecks for your payroll company. The system also automatically takes into account different pay rates, salaries, overtime calculations, and commission programs for clean and precise data management.

Automatic Financial Workflows

Simplify your financial management with Ceipal. From within the platform, team members can create and reuse invoices per placement, eliminating errors. Based on employee location, the system will automatically calculate overtime and double time, so you never have to crunch the numbers alone. Plus, employees will receive automated reminders to submit timesheets, making your job easier while ensuring they’re paid.

Recruitment Agency Timesheet Software
Workforce reporting & analytics |

Workforce Analytics

Track KPIs to measure profitability. With Ceipal, you have access to dozens of built-in industry reports, including recruitment analytic dashboards to help you understand your company’s overall health. Plus, every report generates an easy-to-understand visualization, so you have quick access to actionable data.

Two-Way QuickBooks Integration

Unify your systems for a productivity boost. Our QuickBooks integration gives teams everything they need to manage bills, contractors, inventory, and income on either QB online or QB desktop. Instantly see expenses, payments, and invoices directly within the tool, eliminating time spent reconciling books and reducing any chance of errors with online expense tracking software.

Asset Tracking

Gain comprehensive and valuable insights into your assets, every day. With Ceipal, teams can track asset placement from acquisition to depreciation in one place, ensuring everything is in good order. The platform sends automatic asset renewal notifications, and teams can assign asset-related tasks to employees. Plus, team leaders can customize security measures and employee access levels, running a tight ship for effective asset management. That way, whatever your assets are, they’re safe, secure, and ready for use.