Job Requisition

Hiring Workflows

Customize hiring workflows so everything ends up where it should.

Job Requisition

Requisition Management

Manage job vacancies & find the right candidates faster.

Job Requisition

Mobile Requisitions

Create & oversee the job requisition process from anywhere at any time.

Approval Workflow

Create fully customizable approval workflows

And set as many approval layers as you need.

  • Employ different workflows for different vacancies
  • Set automated reminders
  • Easily track workflow & job requisition status
Approval Workflow
Requisition Management

Requisition Management

Streamline the job requisition process

And find the right candidates in less time.

  • Create & post templates for recurring vacancies
  • Automatically publish jobs across multiple platforms
  • Generate comprehensive reports & export in several formats

Access Control

Control who in your company can access what

And set security permissions for all steps in the workflow.

  • Set custom permissions for who can view, edit, & delete different materials
  • Share and copy permissions across roles
  • Bulk set action permissions for posting, interviewing, & more
Mobile Requisitions

Mobile Requisitions

View & manage job requisitions

And keep track of everything on the go.

  • Create personalized workflows
  • Get notifications throughout the job requisition process
  • Take action on mobile & approve/reject candidates

Improve Hiring from The Start

Manage Requisitions Easier

TalentHire’s job requisition software makes it easy to manage vacancies in your business. Simply create a position and set the details, necessary skills, and overall organization information. Now, every time your business has that same job opening, all you have to do is reopen the job code. The status of any job is always visible right from the main screen, so you know if a job requisition is approved, pending, submitted, or anywhere else in between.


For all requisitions, you can generate custom reports from the recruitment dashboard. These provide unparalleled insights into: the productivity of hiring managers, which clients have the most open requisitions, bill rate of clients, and many other aspects of job requisitions. And, you can easily share them with the click of a button.

Customize Your Requisition Process

When you realize you need another employee, it can sometimes be a hassle jumping through all the hoops and talking to all the right people to get approval. Luckily, TalentHire’s job requisition software enables you to set requisition workflows. You can set the requisition to flow to a supervisor and then a boss for approval or provide direct approval access depending on a person’s role.

Personalized Reasons

While the requisition moves through the workflow, it goes through various statuses, all of which can be set and personalized. You can also set personalize requisition reasons. Examples would be like “anticipating a new position” or “replacement of existing employee”. Whatever you need, that’s what your options are.

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