Increase Satisfaction

Help employees resolve queries more quickly & independently.


Measure Success

Take a deep dive into the data & identify strengths—and inefficiencies.


Save Time

Allow employees to view documents & submit requests themselves.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees

And save HR time by putting them in charge of their requests.

  • Keep track of requests from open to close
  • Promote transparency throughout the organization
  • Automatically assign requests to appropriate users/departments
  • Address queries & concerns from the portal
Employee Self Service
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Help employees to help themselves

And let them seek—and find—the information they need.

  • Let employees access company docs, personal information, & more on a dedicated portal
  • Allow employees to resolve issues quickly & independently
  • Permit employees to escalate & set reminders for requests

Data Driven Self-Service

Use data to drive success

And spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden in your workforce.

  • Get by-department updates on health & productivity
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses in department turnaround times
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks company-wide & utilize the data to fix them
Data Driven Self-Service
Mobile ESS
Mobile ESS

Mobile ESS

Address requests & concerns on the go

And escalate, track, approve, or reject from wherever you are.

  • Access asset, leave, & pay requests from various devices
  • Retrieve organizational documents remotely
  • Keep data safe with multi-layered security features

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