Workforce Analytics

Performance Measurements

Create detailed staffing reports & keep any eye on important company metrics.

Workforce Analytics

Data Analysis

Investigate your numbers through quickly generated reports.

Workforce Analytics

Retention Strengths

See revenue forecasts & easily identify employee retention areas.

Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

Understand your company’s overall health

And effectively visualize key metrics with a few clicks.

  • Gauge employee utilization, retention, & performance
  • Monitor revenue & compliance metrics
  • Analyze revenue forecasts
  • Set automated reminders
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Recruitment Analytics Dashboard
Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

Get detailed analyses of core HR metrics

And have the data you need to make strategic business decisions.

  • Generate HR workforce reporting & analytics quickly & easily
  • Create custom report templates to suit your needs
  • Export detailed data for workforce planning
  • Visualize key data with vivid charts & graphs
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New Workforce Reports

Get visual reports on employee information

And instantly get a better handle on your workforce.

  • View employee insurance optings for them & their family
  • Get accurate details on total employee W-4 withholdings
  • Check company diversity with a breakdown of Equal Employment Opportunity metrics
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New Workforce Reports

Advanced Workforce Reporting

Performance Monitoring

It’s one thing to manage a workforce, it’s another thing to actually understand that workforce. Ceipal wants you to do more of the latter, which is why it offers robust recruitment analytics dashboards. By being able to generate dynamic, editable reports, you get an inside view into your company’s profitability with just a few clicks. You can gauge employee utilization, retention, and performance as well as monitor revenue and spend. No matter what aspect of your workforce you want to look into, Ceipal Workforce has a report to make it happen.

Report Security

Because Ceipal is so robust in its reporting, it’s important that only employees who are supposed to see overarching company data have access to the reports. Control exactly which roles can see and generate reports and even choose which specific reports they are allowed to create within each module. Turn reports on or off and enable or disable completely custom reporting within each section.

Decision Enhancing Analytics

Get detailed data reports and ensure you have all the information you need to make strategic business decisions. Generate reports on HR metrics like payments and expenses, compile employee reports on attendance and time off, and even create client & vendor reports of who is active and which employees are placed with them. You can choose which data points you want to include in your reports, so you’re always focusing on the information you need and none that you don’t.

Module-Driven Analysis

Ceipal Workforce wants you to be sure you can see the big picture for your company, which is why it offers customizable reporting on Employees, Timesheets, Expenses, Work Authorization, and more. In Employees, view reports on placements and their duration, benched consultants and their time there, employee authorization and status, location, payment amount and type, and more. In Timesheets and Expenses, view who is behind, pending, and approved for their time and money as well as see a breakdown of those metrics by client. Work Authorization reports let you instantly see all LCAs and H1Bs active in the company as well as expiry dates and RFEs associated with each.