Asset Management

Lifecycle Tracking

View the full timeline of your assets, from acquisition to depreciation.

Asset Management

Purchase Monitoring

See who’s purchasing what, across teams & across the company.

Asset Management

Renewal Reminders

Set personalized asset renewal notifications.

Asset Tracking for Recruiters

Monitor and evaluate your IT assets

And always know what’s in stock & in use.

  • Track all assets from a single repository
  • Monitor purchases across teams
  • Get a big-picture view of all organizational assets
  • Plan effectively for purchases & avoid losses
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Asset Tracking for Recruiters
Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage & track assets through all phases

And know what’s where in procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal.

  • IT asset tracking for recruiters in a single view
  • Get a timeline of all events at a glance
  • Stay on top of asset renewals & purchases
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Asset Documentation

Organize & store important purchase documents in a central location

And easily—and quickly—find the information you need.

  • Share files & folders for seamless collaboration
  • Organize & store inventory sheets, datasheets, & more
  • Customize security measures & employee access levels
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Asset Documentation
Mobile Documents

Mobile Documents

Access company file storage software on the go

And manage, edit, and share from the palm of your hand.

  • Share files directly & securely
  • Access & manage folders & documents from various devices
  • Keep data safe with multi-layered security features

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Asset Tracking Made Easy

Hardware Management

Never again lose track of where any of your company assets are thanks to Ceipal Workforce. You can add as many assets as your company possesses and assign an asset ID to it. Keep track of if it’s available in inventory, in use, assigned, unassigned, and more. You can even see the date the hardware was acquired and entered into the system, thus enabling you to know the approximate life of the item. If there was a warranty included with the item, those details are also instantly available, so you never have to worry if your product is still covered or not. 

Asset History

With a single click, view the entire history timeline of the item, who used it before and for how long, when it was last given maintenance attention, and then, eventually when the item was scrapped or decommissioned. You get an accurate picture of the life of your assets without needing to track down countless receipts or surf through old emails detailing maintenance. 

Software Management

From Microsoft Office to your Adobe Suite, keep track of all your software programs in Ceipal Workforce. Keep track of serial or version numbers, track license keys and their usage, and even set when your expiry and renewal dates are happening. Assign the asset to whoever will be using it to share all the necessary details they need; Ceipal Workforce is IT asset tracking at its finest. If you have a whole office space’s data to import, bulk upload information through a CSV or Excel sheet to ensure nothing is overlooked. You can even export all your data, choosing specifically what details are important to extract. 

Instant Inventory

Unsure what assets you still have available to use? Thanks to advanced filtering options, you have the ability to instantly view which assets are still in your inventory and unassigned. Need to look ahead and see if you’ll still have access to that laptop next week? No problem. Want to know who used it last month before you? Not a problem either. Anything you need to know about your assets can be found directly in the portal.