Track Green Cards

See green card expiration dates & refile reminders.


Manage Visas & Permits

Monitor H-1B and LCA applications & statuses.


Mobile Authorization

See employee work authorization status & updates in real time.

LCA Management

Oversee employee LCAs

And ensure all are properly utilized & up to date.

  • Import LCAs into the system
  • View all LCAs & set reminders on which are expiring
  • Track LCA usage & see which are tied to H-1Bs
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LCA Management
Public Access Files (PAF)

Public Access Files (PAF)

Maintain Public Access Files for filed LCAs

And ensure all data is properly documented according to required compliance metrics.

  • Instantly create a PAF from employee’s LCAs
  • Set dynamic templates for quick completion
  • Utilize a Standard Checklist containing all required documents
  • Customize the checklist based on company requirements
  • Share the PAF via an access link & set expiry dates

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Work Authorization Control

Facilitate employee authorization

And maintain compliance with the Employment of Foreign Nationals Policy.

  • Manage work permits & green card processes
  • Set automated expiration reminders
  • Supervise authorizations & applications
  • Assign compliance workflows
  • Save all documents in a central location
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Work Authorization Control
Mobile Immigration
Mobile Immigration

Mobile Immigration

Access essential employee information any time

And keep tabs on authorization status from anywhere.

  • Manage & track employee work authorization & LCA status
  • Access company file storage software on the go
  • Keep data safe with multi-layered security features

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Comprehensive Immigration Administration

LCA Management

Hiring international employees can sometimes bring a lot of paperwork, but luckily CEIPAL WorkForce is here to help. From a single dashboard you can oversee employee LCAs and ensure all are properly utilized and updated. Once the LCA is imported into the system, you can view which employee it’s tied to as well as set up custom reminders on upcoming expiry dates. You can even see which LCAs are linked to active or inactive H1Bs, so you never have to wonder if you’re utilizing them to the fullest. LCA immigration documentation has never been easier to sort through.

Custom Reports

From the LCA/ H1B dashboard, companies have the ability to quickly generate unique reports visualizing their important data. Set which headings you wish to view and then chose your report type. Whether you need to see LCA, H1B, Expiry dates, Evidence requests, or missing document reports, WorkForce can make it happen. 

Public Access File Creation

Once you have your LCAs in the system, create a fully compliant Public Access File in mere seconds with the click of a button. WorkForce makes it easy to ensure all data is properly documented according to required compliance metrics thanks to the standard checklist containing all required documents. Dynamic templates make for quick completion and custom expiry dates ensure that you never need to check back in. Plus, in the case of an audit, you can instantly share all your company’s PAFs via an email access link.

Work Authorization

Never again worry about maintaining compliance with the Employment of Foreign Nationals Policy thanks to robust authorization dashboards. Within CEIPAL WorkForce you can keep all documents in a central location, making it incredibly easy to manage work permits, set green card process approval flows, and even set up automatic expiration reminders. We make it easy by having everything you need for LCA immigration, PAF creation, and H1B documentation together in one system. 


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